Get started in three quick steps

Download the game!

The first thing you need to do is download the game. The game consists of three to five pages. You will find the different games under the “download” link. There are several different versions of Snake Games and you can choose the game that suits you best. The game will be saved to your computer as a pdf file

Print the game!

After you have downloaded the game, you will need to print the game on your printer. Almost all printers can be used. The game is definitely looking best on a color printer, but you can easily use a black and white printer. Click the “PRINT” icon on your PDF application (Example Adobe Reader) and you’re almost ready …

Play the game!

Once you’ve printed the game, you only need to find a dice, cut-out point boards and game pieces. Then you’re ready to play Snake Games. You can be 2 to 6 people to play the game. Further down on the page, you can see what is included in the game board …

Here’s some info about Snakey Games

What is Snakey Games?

Snakey Games is a fun board game for the whole family and can be played by almost all ages. But it’s a good idea to know a few words and letters. The game is simple, easy and straightforward. The rules are learned very quickly and are on a single page only. The game is about keeping calm, thinking fast and having fun.

What should I use?

Before you can play Snakey Games, you need a computer or tablet with a printer connected. Then you need a scissors, a regular dice, a pencil and of course the most important thing – your good and fun mood :O)

What does it cost?

All Snakey Games are 100% free to download and play. But we will be very happy if you order some of our super beautiful, sweet and very smart Snakey Games items in our webshop. But it’s up to you …

Includes game board, playing rules and scoreboard

First’ The game board

On page 1 you will find the actual playing board, which consists of some fields shaped like a long snake. In the row of fields there are many different symbols and in one corner you will find START. Just follow the rules of the game that you find on the next page …

2’nd The playing rules

On page 2 the rules of the game are described. They are very easy to follow. The fastest way to get started is to let the first player make a throw with the dice. Then you can read what the next player should do in the rules. It’s easy, smart and very quick to learn …

3’rd The scorboard

On page 3 you will find pointers and the playing pieces you will need. Simply cut them out with a scissors. If you want to use your own games, you can easily. Ex. Ludo Checkers. Then you only need a pencil to keep track of your points. Enjoy the game!