Here you can download Snakey Games for FREE

There will gradually be new versions of the game with different features. So remember to come back often and check out the new versions of the game.
Thanks in advance! ;O)

Snakey Games Standard

Standard Snakey Game is a game, that can be played completely without electronic devices. You only need a scissors and a dice to get started. But if you do not have a physical Dice, you can easily open the browser on your smartphone and click Dice 1.


Snakey Games Extended

Extended Snakey Game is a game that requires you to have a smartphone with access to the Internet. Like standard game, you need to use a pair of scissors to cut the game out of the paper. When you are ready, then you can on your smartphone, click the button Dice 2.


Snakey Games Hashtag (TEST)

Snakey Games Hashtag is a brand new game that we have just developed. So you may find some errors in the game. But you should be very welcome to try out the game. If you have a comment about the game, please send us it at the following link: Thank you very much in advance!