The story of Snakey Games

The story of Snakey Games begins when the sweetest girl in the world, Celine, comes up with a great idea. The way I know that Celine is the sweetest girl in the world is that I’m her dad ;O). One day, we were going to visit our auntie, which we do a lot since we always have the most fantastic fun time at her house. The thing is that she always has lots of candy and time to play fun board games.

The day Celine invents Snakey Games is not much different from all the other times we’ve visited our aunt. Except that Celine is sitting totally quietly by herself, messing around with something. Celine does that sort of thing a lot, though, mostly because she loves to think up cute and creative things. If you don’t know what ”creative” means, ask your mom or dad. They probably know. Anyway… the rest of us are in the next room drinking coffee and talking about this and that. It’s always a lovely time!

At one point, Celine joins the rest of us in the living room, and says loudly, ”Now I’ve made up a board game that we’re all going to play, and we’re doing it right NOW!” Celine can be a little firm sometimes. We hesitate a little, but she talks us into trying the game. Celine quickly explains the very simple rules of the game to us, and we start playing.

After a little while, we’re all into it, and we are laughing and having an amazingly fun time. The whole family has joined in, both grandpa, who isn’t so young anymore, and Celine’s brother, who is 14, our auntie, who Celine is pretty sure was born in 1864, and – of course – me. We get into the game so much that we play it several times, and everyone has a fantastic time.

On our way home in the car we talk about the game and about how much fun it was to play. At first we name it ”Celine’s Game”. It’s just drawn on paper with a ballpoint pen, but we took a picture of the very first edition. You can see it at the right side of the page.

The day after visiting our auntie, we talk about the game, and we decide to try playing it again, to see if it’s still just as fun. We do that, and once again we have a really fun and enjoyable afternoon.

That night we talk about how this game should be played by other people and that it would be fun to somehow publish the game in some way, so lots of people could try it without having to pay a lot of money. It’s important to Celine that everyone can afford the game. The rest of us completely agree. So, therefore, we decided to make the game 100% FREE.

That’s how the story of Snakey Games starts, and we hope it is just the beginning. Later, the game was renamed Snakey Games and some of the rules adjusted and changed a little. But the basic game is still the same game Celine invented that day at auntie’s house.

All of us in Celine’s family wish you lots of fun with the game… Snakey Games!